How to Grow Guava in a Greenhouse? Planting, Care & History

How to Grow Guava in a Greenhouse? Planting, Care & History

Grow guava in a warm, sunny greenhouse. Ensure humidity but avoid excess moisture. Choose seeds or plants, and provide warmth in winter. Harvest ripe fruit and enjoy its vitamin-rich benefits.


Growing Guava in a Greenhouse

Growing Guava in a Greenhouse

Growing guava is typically done in warm and humid areas like the tropics and subtropics. These trees don’t like cold weather at all, but don’t worry if you live in a cooler place, you can still grow guava in a greenhouse or even inside your home.

If you are in a chilly climate and want to grow guava in a greenhouse, you will need to keep it warm during the winter. Alternatively, you can bring your guava indoors when it gets cold just like how some people head south for the winter.

It takes a bit of patience for guava trees to start bearing fruit up to 8 years if you plant them from seeds. Plus, there’s no guarantee that seeds will grow into the same type of guava you ate.

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For faster results, you can buy a guava tree or graft one onto an already established root stock, which is what many nurseries do. That way, you’ll get fruit sooner and know exactly what kind you are getting.

History of Guava Trivia & Guava

Guava has been around since ancient times, with traces found in Peru dating back to 800 BCE. Spanish and Portuguese traders spread it to Mexico, the Caribbean, and beyond.

It reached North America in Florida around 1765. Today, Brazil and Hawai’i are big guava producers.

  • You can make a healing tea from young guava leaves to clean wounds.
  • Meat smokers like using guava wood because it adds great flavor.
  • Inside a guava, there are around 100 to 300 edible seeds.
  • Guava trees usually live for about 40 years.

Planting Guava

How to planting Guava in a Greenhouse

According to growing spaces, When planting guava, it is essential to decide whether you will heat your greenhouse or not. If not, plant guava in a pot, if yes, directly in a raised bed. Make sure the soil temperature is at least 45 degrees, but ideally wait until it reaches 50 degrees. Choose a sunny spot in your greenhouse with 6-10 hours of sunlight daily.

For winter, if you’re bringing guava indoors, use a pot at least 15” wide, and repot it each spring into a bigger one.

Guava trees like soil rich in organic matter, with pH between 5-7, and good drainage. Water newly planted trees every other day for a week, then once or twice a week during the growing season.

Decide between seeds or plants, growing from seeds may not yield true to the fruit, and it takes years to bear fruit, if at all. Commercial growers use methods like air layering or grafting for reliable results.

How to care for Guava?

How to care for Guava in a Greenhouse

Water young guava trees every other day until established, but keep them moist during blooming and fruiting.

Ensure good drainage to avoid wet roots. Fertilize guava with a mix high in nitrogen, phosphoric acid, potash, and magnesium during the growing season.

Use a formula like 6-6-6-2 three times in early spring. Avoid fertilizing in winter.

How Can I Manage Guava Pests

Watch out for aphids, scale, and caterpillars on your guava tree, especially in the greenhouse. Check under leaves regularly.

Treat infestations with rubbing alcohol, neem oil, or insecticidal soap. Harvest fruit promptly to prevent pest attraction and keep the tree healthy.

How and when to Harvest Guava

To harvest guava, check the skin color, firmness, and aroma. The skin changes from green to yellow when ripe. Pick when still firm; it will ripen off the tree.

It should feel slightly soft when pressed. Ripe guava smells sweet, fruity, and musky. Overripe guava smells like stinky socks, so harvest before that happens.

Benefits of Growing Guava

Growing guava is packed with benefits! It’s rich in vitamin C, with four times more than an orange. It’s not just healthy, it tastes great too. Guava leaves are aromatic and have medicinal properties. Enjoy gardening with guava.

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

1). What are the ideal circumstances for guava growth?

Guava trees thrive in warm subtropical to tropical climates. They grow best in temperatures between 73°F to 82°F (23–28°C). If it gets too cold (below 60°F) or too dry, their growth slows down or stops.

2). What is the duration required for guava to grow?

Guava from seed takes 8 years to fruit, while from seedling, it takes 3-5 years. Harvest ripe guava 20-28 weeks after flowering.


Growing guava in a greenhouse offers a rewarding experience, providing fresh, vitamin-rich fruit.

With proper care and attention to temperature, humidity, and pests, you can enjoy the benefits of guava cultivation year-round. Start your guava journey today and enjoy its delicious rewards.